Our story began more than 25 years ago, in the begging of the 90s, on the the post Soviet territory. After USSR collapsed, fishery industry was on the down spiralling trajectory, under-financed and undermanned. We used accumulated knowledge of the Soviet time with the help from national institutions to grow our own professionals, educate them and give a new fresh start with the aim to achieve the best quality in every aspect of production and processing.

Astrakhan was a capital for Black Caviar production. During Soviet time, total production would sum up to 5000 tones of caviar a year (currently the world production is around 300 tones of caviar a year). After the USSR collapse, government stoped any financing to fishery industry and it had to survive on its own. This is when we started our collaboration with Soviet professionals who have accumulated experience in sturgeon breeding and caviar processing.

Having a vast knowledge in caviar processing, we would like to present to you the finest assortment of the best quality BLACK CAVIAR at the best price, that will plunge you into the world of luxury and allow you to comprehend all the subtleties of this truly precious product.

The baggage of knowledge received in Astrakhan, was relocated to the Baltic countries. Combining the experience of generations with the modern innovations and technologies, allowed us to improve and perfect our skills in industrial aquaculture and caviar processing.

We are insuring the best quality of caviar by thorough control of all the steps from an ovulation to the final product.


Always fresh caviar
Unlike other producers, who produces caviar only once or twice a year, our technology allows us to produce caviar throughout the whole year
No antibiotics
All the fish is strictly and carefully monitored to provide the best atmosphere for the breeding and growing of the fish
Flexible to clients
Caviar can be manufactured to a unique desire of the buyer with the different amount of salt, liquid, taste, preservation and can be packed in either glass jar or metal tin