How to serve caviar?
here are many ways to serve caviar and many grades to choose from. Serving amounts and choice of grade can vary depending on how many people and the type of event.
How to serve Caviar for large gatherings?
For large gatherings, it may be best to serve it with traditional garnishes like blini, chopped onion, egg whites, lemon and fresh herbs. Using garnishes will really help to stretch your caviar supply out for longer without adding much cost.
Serving Caviar in an Intimate settings.
For a more intimate event, like a dinner date or small group of 3 or 4, we recommend going with our Traditional and Osetra Caviar . These can be savored on their own or with a simple fresh japanese cucumber or blini/toast point. We recommend using a mother-of-pearl spoon. A true caviar lover will taste high quality caviar from the top of his own hand, as to not alter the flavor.

As an intimate activity with another person, it can be fun to taste several different caviar grades. For this, we offer a sets of all caviar grades. Serving caviar as a taste test is also helpful in determining which grade to buy in the future.
What are the Caviar serving amounts?
Here are some simple serving recommendations based on serving with no garnishes:

1 Person (or 2 if just tasting): 30g-50g
2 Person: 50g-100g
4-6 people: 125g-250g
6-12 people: 250g+

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Storing Caviar / Caviar Shelf Life
We recommend consuming caviar within 3 weeks of purchasing, but when stored correctly, small tins of vacuum sealed caviar can last 3-6 months, larger tins up to a year.

The ideal temperature for storing unpasteurized caviar is 0° – 4° to preserve optimal quality. The bottom, back part of the fridge is the coldest. Additionally, you can put your unopened tin in a bowl of ice in the fridge. Since caviar is salted, it's freezing point is a bit lower.

It's best to consume the whole tin once opened. However, opened caviar can be preserved for a few extra days by placing a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the caviar before applying lid. This will minimize the caviar's contact with air and increase its shelf life.

Osetra caviar should not be frozen, as the firm texture may be compromised.
How do you deliver caviar?
Black caviar is a very delicate product that can get spoiled really fast, just like any seafood. In order to keep it fresh we deliver in special thermal envelope with ice that keep temperature (3-4 hours) with the help of Lalamove courier in 1-2 hours from order.

For long distances, we pack caviar in the thermal boxes that keep correct temperature for up to 48 hours.
When should I order?
You can order now and choose a future delivery date at checkout. Great for scheduling gifts and events. It is always better to reserve early and choose a delivery date 2-3 days before your event. Waiting until the last minute can cause complications.
Can I carry caviar on to the plane?
In the carry-on luggage one can take only glass jars of no more than 100 ml volume. Metal tins a forbidden to take on board with you and can only be placed in drop-off baggage.